Fran Baker

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A graduate of Newport University, Wales (A SkillSet acredited Academy) with a BA (Hons) in Animation, I have a wealth of experience in editing and compositing as well as a talent for world creation and new and exciting ideas for a variety of animations.

Rust Mist test with egg yolk showing through from beneath.


I would like to move into the area of animation installation using animation in conjunction with other ‘materials’ like water, glass, light and sound and the use of interactive, and immersive experiences, to create an all encompassing world for people to experience.

I also have a project I am working on in a humorous vein involving a pea who is looking for a job. With other 'Pea' characters, like BlooPea, who is always having or causing accidents; SnowPea, a gruff jolly chap and BeanPole, a tall thin chap with bouncy 'hair' - or is that grassy tufts?