FranOnTheEdge Then select the Perspective Transform Tool, selecting it from the Edit/Transform/Perspective menu: If you find this option greyed out, then most probably the image  is not selected using the Rectangular marquee. If you find that Transform Perspective doesn't quite complete the  job, you can tweak it with the Transform/Warp tool: While I was doing this I decided to crop the image as well, to select just the nicest part of it for my texture: Now that stage one is completed, I have a texture that  will be useful in more than just this one UV Map.   And I can go on from this point and tile it if I need to  do so. Go to Stage 2 End of Stage 1 #top Brick Texture Tut Tutorials Rock N Roll Tut Layer Styles Tutorial, Making a Texture with PhotoShop. WaterfallTutVanlippe (if you already have a texture you want to use for this, you can go directly to Stage 2, if not, continue with stage 1 below.) without increasing the polys on the model. Adding Structural Detail Using A Texture Download  "Metal Plate Fixed" Texture If you like you can now download the final fixed version  of this texture, below.  A ReadMe is included in the zip. To go from this to this #GreyGradient.png