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My Other Sites #top Related Sites Various other sites to visit, either my own other sites or just places of interest.

A great location for Cinema4D users.

Here you can find the Bryce forum, Wings3D forum, Cinema4D forum and many more, like PhotoShop, PaintShop, UVMapper Worldbuilder, Terragen, etc etc etc - go look for yourself.  Free registration is required, but there are helpful people galore, free models, textures, materials, tutorials, heavens everything!

One of the MOST brilliant resource sites for textures.

And this is the other MOST brilliant site for textures.

More textures. There’s some good stuff here too.

Peggy Walter’s website with the tutorial on organising Bryce Presets - a great tutorial - very useful indeed.

My Tumbling site - I post a few interesting things here.

My Fun Blog - I post things here that interest me.

My professional blog - I post things here that concern my professional interests.

Dreams Edge Blog FranOnTheEdge - Fun Blog FranOnTheEdge - Tumbling

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Texture Resource Sites Other People's Sites Fran's Animation Website Fran's Craft Website

My crafts website - this is where I've been posting my recent

craft stuff, like the jewellery I’m making at present which I’d like to sell, and the various books I've been making. I find crafting things is very soothing and an outlet for frustration, which real life can give you in bucket loads!