FranOnTheEdge Richard Vanlippe's Waterfall Tutorial for Bryce This tutorial is no longer available on the original creator's website,  so to ensure it is not lost I am hosting it here.   It would be such a shame to loose it. Creating a Waterfall Animation By Richard Vanlippe Wirefame terrain arranged  in scene file Scene file showing the  duplicated wireframe terrain Open your previously saved  terrain in PhotoShop or copy  the terrain from within the  Terrain Editor Duplicated terrain with selections  drawn with PhotoShop's lasso tool  to define the water areas A rendered view of the edited  terrain assigned a red material A rendered view  of the edited terrain  assigned a water material Second terrain copy with  the previous selections feathered  and then brightened by +17 An important step before assigning a volume material to a terrain  is to set the terrain to "Solid" in the Terrain Editor. If you don't do  that, you'll just be wasting rendering cycles for an affect you won't  even see. This is a quick discussion concerning the basic controls for volume materials and no more. Water Drops  material preview Water drops material  for Macintosh Bryce 3D  users drops.hqx Water drops material  for Windows Bryce 3D  users Snapshot showing the basic setup  of the "water drops"  volume material. Noise operator used  for the volume value Filter settings used to create a  more pronounced alpha channel Snapshot of the 3D texture  used for the volume values A preview render of all three terrains  showing the final "water drops" material Onward - Animating the Waterfall This tutorial is courtsey of FranOnTheEdge, thank you for visiting...:) Download this Tutorial #top Brick Texture Tut Tutorials Rock N Roll Tut LayerStylesTut To Page 2